UZ Brussel - A creative annual report

For years we build a strong partnership with UZ Brussel. Now we are working on our sixth annual report with this hospital.

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Every year UZ Brussel wants to have an outstanding annual report. The goal is to convince internal stakeholders about the vision for the whole organization, and to show the general public the unique proposition of UZ Brussel.

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A report with a story

We reached the two-sided goal by using a first level with very creative digital storytelling techniques. If the visitor wanted to delve deeper into the key figures, he could scroll down to discover all the details about every department. Details and statistics are shown in clear responsive infographics.

Bits of technical innovation

The technical innovation behind the campaign was enormous:

  • A very tight structure and code to give a flawless experience to the user, even with a lot of content and preloading.

  • Parallax effects done with code to emphasize the high end photography.

  • Key points and quotes of the patient that appear in sync with the audio files.

  • Fully responsive website and infographics.

  • Animated graphs and hover states.

  • An interactive "lean back" mode.

  • ...

Award winner

The campaign was very successful with a happy creative team and client that reached it's KPI's. Every year the report is read by more and more people. Thanks to the impressive content marketing and employer branding, we even won the Grand Prix Content Marketing “Best Innovation” and an IAB MIXX Award “Best design”.

Our expertise
  • Information design
  • Data storytelling
  • Data visualization