Complex research platform to unravel mobile DNA

Complex research platform to unravel mobile DNA
Client UGent
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Deep learning and automation
  • Data visualisation

One of the key ambitions of the triumvirate’ Imec-mict-UGent is to give people insights into their mobile usage, and they need a lot of data to make that happen. They counted on the expertise of Bits of Love to handle and analyse the data in the right manner. We built a research platform that not only compiles a large data set, but also analyses that data in real-time and communicates it clearly.

The platform is a technical masterpiece of multiple cloud and big data solutions (Elastic Search, Heroku, MongoDB, Redis, … ). Combining these technologies makes it easy to handle incredibly complex calculations.

We searched for the individual patterns for every user and reported our findings with clear data visualisation. In cooperation with the UGent research team, we were able to map the DNA of thousands of smartphone users. 

The clear dashboard shows personal patterns and confronts the users, giving them the opportunity to take the right steps to counter their digibesitas’, which is exactly the purpose of this project.

MobileDNA has been brought forward in several media channels (such as Van Gils & Gasten). This reinforces the fact that concerns about digibesitas are high, and that our tool is able to provide valuable insights to both substantiate them as well as create positive impact. The platform fits perfectly within the values and ambitions of Bits of Love: making complex information useful and available for everyone. Mission accomplished!

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