Com­plex research plat­form to unrav­el mobile DNA

One of the key ambi­tions of the tri­umvi­rate’ Imec-mict-Ugent is to give peo­ple insights in their mobile usage. And they need a lot of data to make it hap­pen. They count­ed on the exper­tise of Bits of Love to han­dle and analyse the data in the right man­ner. We built a research plat­form that not only com­piles a big data set, but also analy­ses the data real-time and clear­ly com­mu­ni­cates about the data.

Complex research platform to unravel mobile DNA
Client UGent
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Deeplearning and automatisation
  • Data visualisation

The plat­form is a tech­ni­cal mas­ter­piece of mul­ti­ple cloud and big data solu­tions (Elas­tic Search, Heroku, Mon­goDB, Redis … ). Com­bin­ing these tech­nolo­gies makes it easy to han­dle very com­plex cal­cu­la­tions. We searched for indi­vid­ual pat­terns for every user and report our find­ings in clear data visu­al­iza­tions. In coop­er­a­tion with the Ugent research team we mapped the DNA of thou­sands of smart­phone users.

The clear dash­board shows per­son­al pat­terns and con­fronts the users, giv­ing them the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take the right steps to counter their digibesi­tas. Which is exact­ly the pur­pose of this project.

MobileD­NA has been brought for­ward in mul­ti­ple media chan­nels (for exam­ple Van Gils & Gas­ten). It proves that the con­cerns about digibesi­tas are high and our tool can make impact. The plat­form fits per­fect­ly in the ambi­tions of Bits of Love: mak­ing com­plex infor­ma­tion avail­able for every­one. Mis­sion accomplished!

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Practical online toolbox for prevention advisors


Prac­ti­cal online tool­box for pre­ven­tion advisors

  • Dig­i­tal trans­for­ma­tion traject
  • Data analy­sis
  • Soft­ware engineering
Modular dashboard for Traffic Managers

Stad Gent

Mod­u­lar dash­board for Traf­fic Managers

  • Exten­sive data analy­sis and visualisation
  • High lev­el project management
  • Cus­tomis­able user dashboard