Impact is beautiful.

Our projects are born from raw data and com­plex infor­ma­tion.
We struc­ture and visu­alise them into ele­gant, play­ful and engag­ing dig­i­tal prod­ucts and games.
Our cod­ing exper­tise turns them into scal­able data-dri­ven prod­ucts with world-class code.
In the end, we hope to make the world a bet­ter place.

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What we do

We design information

We uncov­er data, append struc­ture and trans­form every­thing into large data lakes. We add analy­ses and cal­cu­la­tions, and ulti­mate­ly, con­vert every­thing into beau­ti­ful visu­al insights and data-dri­ven stories.

Enter­prise qual­i­ty with a soul

We are a strate­gic dig­i­tal part­ner for star­tups to big enter­pris­es. We align busi­ness goals, tech­nol­o­gy and end-user needs. In the end, we cre­ate scal­able and bespoke solu­tions and products.

Play­ful interactions

We con­sid­er pleas­ant inter­ac­tions between humans and code to be cru­cial. That’s why we put our exper­tise in inter­face and game design to cre­ate visu­al and cre­ative appli­ca­tions that are enjoy­able, with­out los­ing the deep lay­ers of information.


Our process and guid­ance is sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly based and blends many lessons-learned after more than 400+ dig­i­tal projects. Our team pro­duces a qual­i­ta­tive project fast and on time. You even get a guarantee.

<p><strong>Koen Vandendriessche</strong> - <strong>Productmanager</strong> beleving en inspiratie - Cultuurconnect</p>

Togeth­er with Bits of Love, we were able to roll out Bieblo smooth­ly to the Flem­ish and Brus­sels libraries. Always quick respons­es and a pleas­ant cooperation!

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Our clients

Forward-looking and willing to create real impact

We love ambitious companies and organizations that avoid the status quo and push their industry forward. We help them grow with new digital services to create real change and happy users.

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Dis­cov­er our process and areas of exper­tise to cre­ate bespoke dig­i­tal products.

What we do