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Bits of Love is a recognised and accredited service provider for the KMO-portefeuille.

As a small to medium-sized company, this means you may be eligible to receive a tax advantage for the strategic portion of your project and training of your digital tool.

Digital Strategy

It isn’t easy to keep up with a rapidly changing digital landscape:Technology moves forward, customer behaviours and expectations change constantly; competitors take different angles, and hypes come and go.

These changes and developments require businesses to rapidly make new – and preferably research-based – decisions.

We provide a Discovery and a Define trajectory with our experienced team of forward-looking digital strategists, service & product designers, user researchers, data analysts, and information designers.

They will challenge your first ideas, provide market insights and new ideas, and you will co-create well-defined roadmaps.

The goal is to make the right decisions before making any digital investments.

In our Discovery phase, we will tackle questions like :

  • What is the current situation? Where do you feel any pains or gains?
  • Who are the stakeholders in these projects and products?
  • What is the current state of the market and its solutions?
  • What could become the business case?
  • Which digital product ideas could help us reach these goals?

In our Define phase, we will tackle questions like :

  • What is the current and preferable future customer journey?
  • What are all the user touchpoints with the service and product?
  • What would the UX and UI of the product look like?
  • Do users think this had an added value? (user testing)


New digital products or services often mean a lot of change management, internally and externally.

We provide bespoke training modules to get everyone on board with the new tools we develop together. We offer a range of solutions, from in-house training to on-demand video to interactive and blended formats.


As a small to medium-sized business, you may be eligible for subsidies on the total price of our advice (up to 20% for medium-sized Flemish companies and up to 30% for small Flemish companies), excluding the development of on- or offline communication tools.

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