The Bits
We set the bar high and expect nothing less from ourselves or our partners. We call this the bits’.

We strongly believe in a lean and mean, prototype-based process with a focus on business results and behavioural effects. We realise projects using our expert coding skills and research-driven strategies.

The Love
We believe there is still too little empathy and appreciation for content within technical projects. This is the essential component that we call the love’.

We strongly believe in playful design to create happy users. We find motivation in wanting to do good, inside of our team and for society. We strive for meaningful partnerships and cooperation.

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

We like to listen and question ourselves every day. Still, we have some strong opinions that we would like to highlight here.

Open data and transparency

Government data and information should be open to the public as much as possible. This feeds transparency, creativity, and entrepreneurship. 

Information isn’t knowledge by itself

Publishing raw, unstructured information seems sufficient to many. We believe that clearly designed information should be a human right.

Don’t believe the hype

Every project needs to generate results. Strategic and technical decisions should be driven by research and common sense.

We love video games

To us, it’s clear that games are the most substantial and interactive art form. They’re rooted in our DNA and help define our strategies, methods, and user experiences. 

Usability first

Creativity is a vital force, but it shouldn’t confuse. We go all out in our imagination, but always ensure that clarity and understanding are the main priority.

Do good

Companies should be socially responsible. We use our corporate resources to do good for local communities, help educate kids, and fervently support the causes we care about. 

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Find out how we push things forward and achieve results.

Our work

Awards, projects in the news & general recognition for our work

Results of Bruggebaas
Het Nieuwsblad article on the results of the first edition of Bruggebaas, a gamified survey we developed.
Opening of the first Voka Talentcenter in Mechelen
HLN article on the official opening of Voka’s first Talentcenter.
Report Bruggebaas
Focus-WTV segment on Bruggebaas, an innovative and gamified survey to give children a voice!
Official supplier for Club Brugge
We are Club Brugge’s official supplier for all things digital.
2022 Sett EdTech Award for Fonemi
Sett EdTech Award for Fonemi at Sett Gent 2022, the trade show for digital innovation within education.
VTM Nieuws report Fonemi’
VTM Nieuws segment on Fonemi, the educational game that helps Flemish children how to read.
KW – Handmade in Brugge Christmas webshop
Krant West-Vlaanderen article on the 2021 edition of the Handmade in Brugge Christmas webshop.
IAB MIXX Awards 2021
Best User Experience Design’ award for the official Club Brugge app.
M‑Award for MobileDNA
First prize in the Mediawijs Research category.
Report Wandelbingo’
Focus-WTV report on our corona sideproject for kids: Wan​del​bingo​.be’.
Innovation project CityStory’
Together with VRT, we took part in the CityStory innovation project.
VRT report – Bieblo: Matching books with children’
VRT report: Bieblo: Matching books with children”, our project for all libraries in Flanders.
Het Nieuwsblad – Playing to learn”
In the Playing to learn” article by Het Nieuwsblad, we explain our vision on games and their role in education.
FLEGA: Developers in Action 
Highlight of our recent projects as experts in game design and serious games in 2D.
Communication Awards 2019
Laureate for the Kortom Communication Award with the data project Hoeveel in stad Gent’.
Belfius Persprijzen 2017 – 2018
Finalist digital press with our Wissel van de Macht’ project for Canvas.
De Krook Visualisation Contest
We won first place with our data visualisation project for De Krook!
Apps for Brugge 2016
Our Fiet​skadee​.be’ concept secured first place at the hackathon in our hometown.
IAB MIXX Awards 2015
Best Desktop Design’ award for our Annual report UZ Brussel’ project.
Grand Prix Content Marketing 2015
Best Innovation’ award for our Annual report UZ Brussel’ project.