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Crafting impact, not just impressions

We're in it for the thrill of creation, the buzz of impact, painting our digital canvas to make the world not just richer, but brighter.

Our Name,
Our Promise


/bɪt/ - noun

Broad expertise is essential, and decisions should rely on proven research. We expect ourselves to think this way every day. This means we often have a strong, opinionated view and critically assess new tech. But once proven, we embrace the latest technologies fast & fully.


/lʌv/ - noun - verb

We are fully committed to our clients and take personal responsibility for their projects. Our objective is to provide intuitive and user-friendly experiences that make end-users happy. Our team is like a family, close-knit and supportive. And sometimes, we strive to make the world a better place.

15 Years of making a difference

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Open data & transparancy

Empowerment begins with transparency. This is why we actively encourage and support open data hackathons and initiatives.


Community services

Not every great idea has a viable business case; however, we create them anyway as a gift to society.


Societal initiatives

Whenever possible, we offer financial support and lend our strategic and coding skills to other "do good" organizations.

We welcome you
as you are

At Bits of Love, you can truly be yourself. There's something "special" about each of us... big indie gamers, underground musicians, underwater hockey players, Netflix bingers, insect experts... you'll find it all here. And we respect what makes you feel good, no questions asked.


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