The Bits
We set the bar high, and we expect that from our­selves and our cus­tomers. We call this the bits”.

We strong­ly believe in a lean and mean, pro­to­type based process with a focus on busi­ness results and behav­iour­al effects. We also have expert cod­ing skills and fol­low a research-dri­ven strat­e­gy.

The Love
We still believe there is too lit­tle empa­thy and love for con­tent with­in tech­ni­cal projects. That is why we think this is essen­tial and call it the love”.

We strong­ly believe in play­ful design to cre­ate hap­py users. We want to do good inside our team & for soci­ety. We strive for part­ner­ships & coop­er­a­tion.

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

We like to lis­ten and ques­tion our­selves every day. Still, we have some strong opin­ions that we would like to high­light here.

Open data and transparency

Open up gov­ern­ment data and infor­ma­tion to the pub­lic as much as pos­si­ble. It feeds trans­paren­cy and entrepreneurship.

Infor­ma­tion is not knowledge

Pub­lish­ing raw unstruc­tured infor­ma­tion seems suf­fi­cient to many. We believe clear designed infor­ma­tion is a human right.

Don’t believe the hype

Every project needs to gen­er­ate results. Research and com­mon sense should dri­ve decisions.

We love video games

To us, games are equal to the most sub­stan­tial art forms. They are root­ed in our DNA and define our strat­e­gy, meth­ods and user experiences.

Usabil­i­ty first

Cre­ativ­i­ty is a vital force, but should­n’t con­fuse. We go as far as pos­si­ble but always put under­stand­ing and clar­i­ty first.

Do good

Com­pa­nies should be social­ly respon­si­ble. We use our cor­po­rate resources to do good for local com­mu­ni­ties and teach kids.

Dis­cov­er our work!

See how we push things for­ward and get results.

Our work

Awards, projects in the news & general recognition for our work

M‑Award for MobileDNA
First prize in the Medi­aw­i­js Research category.
Report Wan­del­bingo”
Focus-WTV report on our coro­na project for kids wan​del​bingo​.be’
inno­va­tion project Citys­to­ry”
Togeth­er with VRT, we took part in an inno­va­tion project smart city’.
Report Bieblo Book match for children’.
VRT report: Bieblo: book match for chil­dren”. Our project for libraries in Flanders.
Press arti­cle Play to learn” 
Arti­cle Play to learn” — Het Nieuws­blad. Her we explain our vision on games and education.
FLE­GA : devel­op­ers in action 
High­light of our recent projects as expert in gamedesign and seri­ous games in 2D.
Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Awards 2019
Lau­re­ate for the Kor­tom Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Award with data project hoeveel in stad Gent’.
Belfius Per­spri­jzen 2017 – 2018
Final­ist dig­i­tal press with our project Wis­sel van de Macht’ for canvas
De Krook Visu­al­iza­tion contest
We won first place with our datavizual­i­sa­tion project for De Krook!
Apps for Brugge 2016
We won first place at the hackathon in our home­town with our idea www​.fiet​skadee​.be
IAB MIXX Award 2015 
Best Design’ award for our project Annu­al report UZ Brussel’
Grand Prix Con­tent Mar­ket­ing 2015
Best inno­va­tion’ award for our project annu­al report UZ Brussel’