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Written by Mattie Crombez

Posted on 29/02/2024

Mattie Crombez

Fonemi’s mission: Flemish educational tool expands to the Netherlands

Fonemi, the innovative Flemish educational tool, embarks on a transformative journey, expanding its reach to the Netherlands to revolutionize language learning for young minds across borders.

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Recent research indicates a further decline in children’s reading comprehension skills, not only in Flanders but also in the Netherlands. In response, Fonemi, the Flemish web application developed by VIVES Hogeschool and Bits of Love to enhance language awareness, is now being launched in the Netherlands. The debut took place today at the IPON education fair in Utrecht. Our ambition is to improve the reading levels of all children throughout the Dutch-speaking region with Fonemi,” says Jessica Kellner, managing partner of Bits of Love.

Current challenges in Flanders and the Netherlands

Early investment in core skills like reading, writing, and arithmetic is pivotal for young people’s future success. However, Linsey Hardyns from VIVES Hogeschool points out that there’s currently a lack of a unified approach. The latest PISA results underline the situation’s urgency, with Dutch 15-year-olds lagging behind the European norm in reading comprehension.

With Fonemi, Bits of Love and VIVES Hogeschool are tackling this challenge head-on. The web app engages children in a dynamic learning journey, fostering language awareness through interactive exercises.

Jessica Kellner explains, Recognizing teachers’ significant challenges in providing tailored support, we developed Fonemi for personalised learning. Preschoolers can practice four phonemic awareness skills at their own pace, gradually increasing difficulty. They learn to identify and manipulate sounds, with each child receiving personalised feedback and teachers tracking progress via a user-friendly dashboard.”

The success of Fonemi in Belgium, where it debuted in 2022, speaks volumes. Eva Monstrey of VIVES University of Applied Sciences attests to its impact, citing significant improvements in students’ phonemic awareness skills. Research indicates that regular use of Fonemi correlates with a remarkable 10% enhancement in these crucial skills.

Launch at IPON education fair

This triumph is the fruit of a collaborative effort between Bits of Love and VIVES, driven by a shared commitment to educational excellence. At the IPON education fair, attendees witnessed the unveiling of an enhanced Fonemi version, boasting improved user experience and innovative features like streamlined school management.

To resonate with Dutch learners, Fonemi enlisted the talents of local voice actors, further enriching the user experience and cultural relevance. This strategic move underscores Fonemi’s dedication to meeting the diverse needs of its audience.

By venturing into the Dutch market, Bits of Love embarks on a mission to make a global impact. Armed with a wealth of expertise in educational gaming, we aim to empower learners worldwide and drive positive societal change. As Jessica concludes, With these innovative tools, we have the power to shape the future of education and propel society forward.”

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