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Written by Jessica Kellner

Posted on 23/02/2024

Jessica Kellner

Tomorrowland introduces the Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy

Bits of Love takes pride in being the digital partner of Tomorrowland Academy. Together, we’ve crafted this groundbreaking educational platform offering DJs and producers access to comprehensive courses.

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Tomorrowland introduces the Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy, a groundbreaking educational platform designed to empower DJs and producers at every skill level. Bits of Love was responsible for this innovative platform’s digital strategy, UX/UI design, front development & backend engineering. We fully delivered on our promise: making it easy for Tomorrowland to launch a new high-end digital product quickly by supporting them in every aspect.

Both novice and seasoned DJs can utilize the comprehensive courses to refine their skills, innovate their music libraries, and tackle common DJ challenges. Meanwhile, producers can learn from industry experts, enhance their techniques, access samples and project files, and receive valuable feedback on their demos. For more information about the Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy and its monthly membership, join the online Academy.

Watch for our forthcoming case study, which will delve into our collaborative efforts to develop this groundbreaking platform.

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