From conversion boost to information clarity: redefining Club Brugge’s digital presence

From conversion boost to information clarity: redefining Club Brugge's digital presence

Key takeaways

Revolutionizing Club Brugge's Website by enhancing user experience, engagement, and conversion rates through smart design and streamlined content management.

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Challenge: addressing user experience and content management issues

The previous Club Brugge website suffered numerous issues that negatively impacted user experience and content team efficiency. The information architecture lacked logic and coherence, making it difficult for visitors to find relevant information among the staggering 20,000 pages.

Furthermore, the absence of clear conversion buttons hindered user engagement and goal completion. 

The content team faced challenges due to multiple content management systems, resulting in publishing and maintenance inefficiencies. Accommodating Club Brugge’s growth as a multi-brand entity further complicated the situation.

Solution: optimizing information architecture and streamlining content management

To overcome these challenges, we prioritised optimising the website’s information architecture. Together with the Customer Experience team of Club Brugge, we meticulously designed a structure that ensures logical organisation and easy navigation for visitors.

Leveraging our expertise in UX design (user experience design) and UI design (user interface design), we created a seamless and visually appealing experience on the new Club Brugge website. Special attention went to mobile optimisations and real-time data visualisation on players’ bios and match reports.

Bits of Love efficiently managed our content transformation, covering architecture, design, development, and delivery across touchpoints.”

Thomas Rypens

Thomas Rypens,
Direct To Consumer Director - Club Brugge

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Result: improved usability, engagement, and conversion rates

The revamped information architecture significantly improves the website’s usability and user experience. Visitors can now effortlessly find the information they seek, leading to enhanced engagement with the website.

Furthermore, implementing clear conversion buttons increases user interaction and goal completion rates. Whether signing up for newsletters or purchasing merchandise, visitors can seamlessly navigate the website and take desired actions. The cohesive integration of Club Brugge’s brand identity in the UX and UI design further enhances the website’s appeal and user satisfaction.

To improve overall efficiency, the content team benefits from a single content management system for many digital channels, including the Club Brugge app and all the Club Brugge subbrands.

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We successfully transformed the football clubs’ website in close collaboration with the Club Brugge UX team. By prioritising information architecture, implementing UX and UI design principles, and streamlining content management, we created a user-friendly experience for fans. The new website reflects Club Brugge’s professionalism and commitment to innovation while effectively engaging visitors and achieving conversion goals.

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