The practical online toolkit for prevention advisors

The practical online toolkit for prevention advisors

Key takeaways

Legal publishing house INNI Publishers' market research showed that their clients were interested in digital INNI content, on top of their physical offerings.
A challenge that seems tailor-made for Bits of Love: working together with the client to research digital transformation opportunities is right up our alley!

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A digital-first publishing house

INNI Publishers has access to a wealth of unique, in-house generated content. If the company wanted to fulfil their aspirations of becoming a digital-first publishing company, then disclosing, digitalising, and marketing all of this content proved to be a difficult but essential task. 

Prevention advisors were particularly eager to have a pragmatic online toolkit at their disposal, containing all possible legislation concerning well-being on the work floor, practical documents, and FAQs.

INNIwise makes a huge leap towards a fully digital database of high-quality information with a fully future-proof platform. Its base was carefully constructed, is easily expandable, and links effortlessly to other digital tools. The tool also allows INNI to inject information in their partners’ tools without any extra hassle. This all means that INNI is now very flexible and ready for the ever-changing digital world.”

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Andries De Reyghere,
Managing Director, Bits of Love

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Mapping workflows with a fly on the wall approach

To create a foolproof project plan, we required thorough comprehension of all the ins and outs of the company: a fly-on-the-wall approach with work visits, interviews, and screenings of the production processes helped us get a clear view of INNI Publishers’ workflow. 

Naturally, we also made sure to involve the prevention advisors as much as possible throughout the tool’s development process. This kind of in-depth research is what allowed us to ask very specific questions, such as: 

  • What’s the size of the documents? 
  • What database structure is required? 
  • How can we provide physical additions to go along with the digital content? 

INNIwise, a digital toolbox for prevention advisors

The end result is INNIwise, a platform that doesn’t just serve as a database of digital documents, but also doubles as a virtual meeting place for prevention advisors. This allows them to share best practices and learn from each other’s policies quickly. The tool features a wide range of templates that make daily tasks easier and more efficient.

The digitalisation of INNI Publisher’s physical version was a logical next step. INNIwise stands out from other online tools thanks to its simplicity, ease of use, expertise, practical applicability, and accessibility. The toolbox offers a daily source of information and news – and if I ever need specific information for a work case, I can easily reach out to an INNIwise expert.”

Bert Labaere,
Prevention Advisor

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