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Traffic Management as a Service: A modular dashboard for Traffic Managers

In April 2020, TMaaS (Traffic Management as a Service) launched their first online mobility management platform for the City of Ghent, which included monitoring options for traffic, parkings, P&R buses, public transport time tables and much more.

Traffic Management as a Service: A modular dashboard for Traffic Managers
Client Stad Gent
  • Data & content strategy
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Dashboard design

A multimodal mobility dashboard

Getting a grip on traffic and mobility is a major goal for a lot of small and medium-sized cities around the world. Creating unconnected, traditional traffic management centres for all these cities is an inefficient and outdated approach. 

This is where TMaaS comes in: a multi-instance platform which offers citizens and local governments a systematic and real-time view of multimodal mobility in their city.


  • Extensive data analysis and visualisation
  • High level project management
  • Customisable user dashboard

A scalable & modular masterclass

The team at Bits of Love represents but a fraction of the many technical partners involved in this project. 

In order to build a modular & customisable dashboard, we implemented a variety of different data providers in a reusable manner. On top of this data, there’s a variety of data visualisation widgets, ranging from tables with sparklines and line-charts to KPI highlights.

To top it off, the dashboard isn’t just static. Every user can add, remove, and position the available widgets to build their very own go-to” dashboard page. Are you only concerned about parking space? No problem! 

This implementation is ready for a growing set of data points, but more importantly, it’s ready for other cities to join the programme. 

As a university, it’s becoming increasingly important to provide research with an element of societal change and actualise impact. In our collaborations with Bits of Love, they’ve proven multiple times over that they’re capable at visualising our data and realising genuine impact.


While our main task and focus was set on building a good-looking and user-friendly dashboard, Bits of Love also took a firm grip on the coordination of this project to proactively tackle risks and pitfalls.

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