Teaching sign language to deaf toddlers with a specialized app

Teaching sign language to deaf toddlers with a specialized app

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In partnership with VGTC (Vlaams GebarentaalCentrum), Bits of Love is excited to introduce "’t Gebarenhutje" – an innovative app poised to revolutionize the way deaf children learn Flemish Sign Language and enjoy their early years. This groundbreaking platform not only addresses the unique challenges faced by young deaf children and their parents but also enriches their lives through engaging content and games.

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Deaf children encounter distinct obstacles during their early development, primarily due to their limited fine motor skills necessary for effective sign language communication. While deaf adults can often decipher contextual cues in sign language, hearing parents frequently struggle to grasp their children’s intentions. Moreover, mainstream Flemish media rarely provides content suitable for entertaining deaf toddlers. Unlike older children who can rely on closed captioning, toddlers face limitations in their visual perception.


To tackle these challenges, VGTC & Visualbox created t Gebarenhutje, which features Rosa, portrayed by Hilde Verhelst, a kindergarten teacher for deaf toddlers, and Melvin, the signing puppet. For a while, they introduced toddlers to sign language on Ketnet, a kids’ television station in Flanders with their own program. Now, thanks to Bits of Love, they have their own platform to reach kids and offer their games and lexicon. This app serves as both an educational tool for teaching Flemish Sign Language to toddlers and a gateway to entertaining and educational content tailored specifically for young deaf children.

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The result is an exceptionally inclusive app, thoughtfully designed for toddlers. It boasts a playful interface and a wealth of fun and educational content. Now, young deaf children have access to a medium that caters to their unique needs and preferences. The app also incorporates an extensive content management system to ensure its continuous vibrancy and up-to-dateness, offering hundreds of videos by Visualbox, that explain sign language and narrate captivating stories.

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At Bits of Love, we firmly believe in the beauty of impact. With t Gebarenhutje, we are confident that we have created a tool that will leave a lasting influence on deaf children and their parents alike. The positive feedback and growing demand for this app inspire us to continue our efforts to enhance it. A new update is already in progress, guaranteeing that we keep these young learners happy and engaged.

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