Bringing BEE’s green energy story closer to you with an enhanced website

Bringing BEE’s green energy story closer to you with an enhanced website

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With a history dating back to its founding in 2010 by seasoned energy entrepreneurs, BEE sought to revamp its online presence to better align with its evolving brand identity and communicate its dedication to sustainable energy solutions. Bits of Love collaborated with BEE on their mission to transform the way people experience energy.

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BEE, a renowned 100% Belgian energy company, founded in 2010 by experienced energy entrepreneurs, was in need of a digital transformation with a complete turnaround time of just two months. Their existing website no longer effectively conveyed their commitment to locally generated green energy and their recent rebranding efforts. BEE sought a modern, user-friendly, and informative online platform to engage and inform their customers effectively.


In collaboration with BEE, Bits of Love embarked on an extensive update of the company’s tri-lingual website. Leveraging our years-long partnership, our team and BEE’s team worked closely to address the challenges head-on.

Revisiting Information Architecture

Our team of UX/UI experts completely revamped the website’s structure in collaboration with BEE. We categorized all their services into four main activities. The main goal was to create an easy-to-use information layout that improves user experience and clearly highlights BEE’s four core activities. This involved reorganizing content, making navigation simpler, and ensuring the website aligns with BEE’s brand identity. Since each core activity caters to different audiences, we also adjusted the information structure to match how visitors typically explore each activity in more detail.

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Digital Rebranding

Alongside the website update, BEE underwent a digital-only rebranding. Bits of Love played a pivotal role in translating this rebranding into a digital context. This pragmatic approach allowed for a smooth transition while ensuring consistency in branding across all online channels.

A digital-only rebranding offers several advantages, including a less drastic transformation that allows for a smoother transition. For BEE, we were able to refresh their online presence by introducing an additional colour, for instance, without the need to make corresponding changes to their offline communication. This approach allowed us to swiftly and seamlessly enhance their digital identity, maintaining consistency across their brand while adapting to evolving trends and user preferences.

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Constant Conversation and Collaboration

This project’s success resulted from continuous dialogue and a long-standing, close collaboration between BEE and Bits of Love. Frequent communication and a deep understanding of BEE’s goals ensured that every aspect of the website update aligned with the company’s vision.

In our approach, we paid special attention to explaining everything with utmost clarity. As BEE often shares intricate and novel information from the energy sector, which people may not (yet) be familiar with, our priority was to ensure that every detail is accessible and comprehensible to all users. We aimed to bridge the knowledge gap and make complex energy concepts easily digestible for a broader audience.

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The collaborative efforts between BEE and Bits of Love resulted in a transformed online presence for the energy company.

Enhanced User Experience

The updated website’s optimised information architecture and intuitive navigation significantly improves the user experience. Visitors can easily find relevant information about BEE’s locally generated green energy solutions.

Digital Rebranding Success

The digital rebranding is seamlessly integrated into the website, presenting a cohesive and modern image of BEE to online visitors. This consistent branding enhanced BEE’s online identity and recognition.

Increased Engagement

The website promises increased engagement with a user-friendly interface and compelling content, including longer visit durations and higher interaction rates. This translates into improved customer engagement and satisfaction.


The partnership between BEE and Bits of Love underscores the strength of synergy and enduring collaborations. BEE’s enhanced website now serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication to locally sourced green energy, which has also earned them a nomination for a Trends Impact Award. Simultaneously, it provides a seamless and engaging online experience for their customers, effectively spotlighting BEE’s comprehensive contributions to the eco-energy sector.

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