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Challenging the status quo: revamping long-form journalism with interactive storytelling

Retaining reader attention in a fast-paced digital world through immersive journalism and information design with an interactive long-read experience.

Challenging the status quo: revamping long-form journalism with interactive storytelling
Client Mediafin - De Tijd/L'Echo
  • Data & content strategy
  • UX design
  • Edutainment


In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, keeping reader attention on long-form journalism is a major challenge. De Tijd/​L’Echo (Mediafin) recognized this and approached Bits of Love to find a solution.


Bits of Love absorbed the information, story, and goals of Mastermind,” a deeply researched series with over 9 chapters, and worked in collaboration with journalist Stephanie De Smedt to adjust the content for a digital experience. Utilizing Bits of Love’s information design and interactive storytelling expertise, the team created a mobile-first concept that engaged readers through regular interruptions for interactive elements such as quizzes, puzzles, and tasks.

The characters and interviewees were highlighted, and a visual grammar was established with the in-house illustrator. Each piece of content is accessible with its dedicated URL and metadata, allowing De Tijd to publish serially and showcase individual chapters and people through a long-tail campaign. Bits of Love’s structured project management and versatile code accommodated any last-minute changes.

De Tijd Mobile video 2

Bits of Love proved their expertise in digital design through the content strategy for our digital series. Their continuing focus on user experience has resulted in a well-designed and engaging tool that enhances our newspaper’s digital offerings!


The result is a unique interactive long-read that holds the reader’s attention and is enjoyable to read. The collaboration raised the technical bar and shared Bits of Love’s process for immersive pieces with De Tijd. According to Stephanie De Smedt, the lead editor, It was great to work together and get valuable feedback on how to make the original concept better and more user-friendly. A great example of a true creative ping pong.”

De Tijd Mobile video 1


The project is a success and a testament to the power of creativity, information design, and game techniques in tackling the challenge of retaining reader attention in long-form journalism.

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