Exclusive app helps women network in a way that works for them

Exclusive app helps women network in a way that works for them

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Women and men network differently. Men tend to focus on reaching their goals directly, while women prioritize building personal connections as the foundation for their networking efforts. Recognizing this need, Bits of Love partnered with Generation WOW and networking expert Elsje Borms to develop a networking app tailored to women's preferences. The app was launched following Generation WOW's Better Together event in Bruges on June 10th, following a twelve-week development period.

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Our challenge? To meet women’s specific networking needs with a state-of-the-art digital solution:

  • a solution that facilitates meaningful connections.

  • a tool that digitally brings women who are a match for the event already as close as possible.

  • a solution that removes all barriers for women who need a boost.

Moreover, our team had just 12 weeks to bring this solution to market, without disregarding Bits of Love’s process.


When producing digital solutions, Bits of Love stands by its five crucial and standard phases. Despite this project’s shorter time to market, we didn’t deviate from our usual roadmap.

During the discovery phase, we did a very short but efficient deep dive. We identified the challenges and needs women experience when networking. We identified the shortcomings of existing networking apps and considered possible solutions. 

Moreover, fundamental to Bits of Love in this discovery phase is that we also take the time to identify potential limitations. A solid constraint for this project? More than 1,000 women simultaneously on the wifi of the Concertgebouw in Bruges was not an option. 

Conclusion? The app had to be largely available offline. 

In the define phase, we developed a detailed workflow and created wireframes to visualize the structure of the Better Together app. 

UX and UI always remain the leading factors in such a project. The aim was nothing less than to build a design that meets the needs and expectations of women while also being very user-friendly and intuitive.

For the visual design of the app, we were inspired by Generation WOW’s brand book and designed an attractive and consistent layout for the app.

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During the development phase, we built the technical foundation of the Better Together app:

  • We chose React Native as a development platform and integrated a Craft CMS to manage app content. This enables the Generation WOW team to easily manage news, programs, and push notifications themselves.

  • We sought and found technical solutions and workarounds (e.g. regarding data retrieval) to make the app available offline and still deliver an exclusive UX. We managed to smoothly integrate animations into the app. 

  • We opted for a One Time Password as login because then you don’t need to create an extended account and still keep login details when switching to another device.

Eventually, during the deployment phase, we made sure that the app met all conditions to be included in the Apple and Google Play Store. Because we always go end-to-end and are involved with heart and soul from idea to implementation, 

It took our team 12 weeks to realize this project, which means we only had half of the time we usually take to realize an app like this. Every hour counted. Thus, everything was perfectly directed and very tightly managed by our project manager to flawlessly meet the deadline.


The Generation WOW app was available in the Google and Apple app stores seven weeks before the Better Together event. 

In the weeks leading up to the event, the app already offers all ticket holders a pre-event experience that makes them even more eager to attend the Better Together event:

They can consult the program, discover more info about the speakers in advance, and have access to Generation WOW’s latest news about the event. They can also create their profile in advance and share both professional and personal information with other participants. 

What’s in it for organizer Generation WOW? They can manage their community of attendees weeks in advance, to increase participants’ interest in the event, and to share relevant messages and news. This way, the app extends the life of the networking event from a few hours to several weeks.

In addition to that pre-event experience, the app offers a range of features that help women network and connect on the day itself but in a way that works for them. 

They can filter the list of attendees based on personal interests. A major game-changer in the way women want to network.

Users of the app can save women or profiles they meet at the event in their favourites list. 

If they meet someone they find fascinating, they can easily scan that person’s QR code so they can find them immediately in the app.

Women who could use some extra help and guidance in networking can also sign up for the networking module’. Based on additional information, they will be matched with nine other women by the organization. Each group will be assigned a host who will help each team member network. This will give networking participants a soft landing and also allow those ladies to take full advantage of the networking event in a way that works for them. 

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The Generation WOW app fits perfectly into Bits of Love’s long line of unique and highly relevant digital solutions. This tool is another realization defined by the company’s unique DNA profile.

Our powerful code is the building block of every solution. Our team guarantees state-of-the-art development and very tight project management. Also, in everything we do, the end-user (prototype, UX, and UI) is our guiding light.

This also leaves its mark on the Generation WOW app and all our digital creations:

  • We at Bits of Love are a proactive and innovative digital solutions provider. Our team constantly scans the market for synergies and opportunities to create novel solutions that address specific needs. For instance, we recognized the need for women to network differently and developed the Generation WOW app — the first of its kind that removes the obstacles women face when networking.

  • Our approach is pragmatic and no-nonsense. We believe in a combination of creativity and realism to deliver great results. We completed the development of the Generation WOW app in just 12 weeks, demonstrating our efficient and effective approach.

  • At Bits of Love, we value style and aesthetics. Our team pays close attention to the look and feel of our solutions. The Generation WOW app welcomes users in a pleasant and stylish environment that aligns with Generation WOW’s brand new corporate identity.

  • We believe in the power of hybrid solutions that combine the strengths of people with the capabilities of digital tools. The Generation WOW app supports women to network the way they want, while also helping organizers provide a successful networking experience for women with networking fears.

  • Finally, we at Bits of Love do not take shortcuts. We are committed to completing all stages of the development process: discovery, define, design, develop, and deploy. This ensures we deliver high-quality and reliable digital solutions to our clients.

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