Empowering teachers to create custom exercises in a VR environment with VR-KUUB

Bits of Love developed a personalized content management system (CMS) for VR-KUUB, an innovative VR application that combines ICT skills, communication, teamwork, and learning.

Empowering teachers to create custom exercises in a VR environment with VR-KUUB
Client imec
  • User interface design
  • Content hubs and CMS
  • Dashboard design
  • Data interfaces

VR-KUUB is a virtual reality application developed by Scholengroep20 in collaboration with IMEC Smart Education @ Schools. It immerses students in a virtual environment where they solve puzzles with the help of their peers, emphasizing the importance of effective communication. To enable educators to create their own exercises and 3D assets in the VR-KUUB world, Bits of Love developed a personalized Content Management System (CMS).


The challenge was to create an easy-to-use CMS that allows teachers to design their own VR assignments from their homes. These exercises needed to be tailored to specific gameplay, target groups, and custom assets.

We all know a CMS” for websites, but how could you make it for VR applications?


To address this challenge, we conducted a product discovery phase to identify the exact needs of teachers and administrators. We analyzed the technical requirements of the project, focusing on content manipulation within a virtual world. During the design phase, we extensively tested all user interfaces with teachers and administrators to ensure our solution met their requirements. Ultimately, we developed a bespoke and headless CMS using node.js, providing flexibility for future iterations.


The new CMS for VR-KUUB empowers teachers to create personalized assignments for their students quickly and easily. The process is straightforward: teachers select an exercise, and the assignment is automatically customized for the target audience. They can also incorporate their own photos to enhance the personalization of the assignment.

Preso vrkuub


Our CMS solution enables teachers to personalize VR challenges for their student groups, taking VR-KUUB to a new level of engagement. To learn more about this exciting development and how VR-KUUB is revolutionizing education, visit web​.vr​-kuub​.be.

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