A reimagined user-first digital news platform

TAGMAG is a news site and community for younger people who are interested in entertainment, tech, and lifestyle. The new and improved website not only allows TAGMAG to more easily manage their content, but also to reach their audience of over 500.000 monthly readers effectively. 

A reimagined user-first digital news platform
  • Digital product strategy
  • User interface design
  • Content hubs and CMS
  • 3rd party integrations

Though the platform primarily serves as a newsfeed, it is also home to their own reality shows. The new and improved website not only allows TAGMAG to more easily manage their content, but also (and most importantly) to reach their audience of over 500.000 monthly readers effectively.

The challenge

The previous TAGMAG site used an older content management system that had begun to cause a lot of issues when updating and loading content, causing frustration for readers, advertisers, and contributors alike. Additionally, despite incredibly high mobile traffic, there was no mobile version of the website, leading to both fewer readers and conversions. 

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Welcome your audience 

TAGMAG’s audience primarily consists of 16 to 24-year-old readers, with mostly mobile traffic as a result. In July of 2021, 92.38% of readers visited the site on their phones. As the previous website wasn’t designed with mobile users in mind, this project caused a seismic shift in appealing to their user base.

On average this year, bounce rates have consistently hovered around 90%, whereas this immediately dropped all the way down to 20% following the launch of the renewed website. 

Our approach

Based on our expertise in content hubs and our research by using tools such as IMEC’s Digimeter, we developed a digital product strategy alongside TAGMAG and were able to translate this into a solid data & content architecture, resulting in an improved management system and a better experience for the end user, all in just a few months time.

The website was built using our Javascript expertise and features a robust and optimised content management system with helpful WYSIWYG features, offering quick and straight-forward maintenance to the content creators and contributors. The new layout prioritises legibility and is able to display a lot more (relevant) content, using an infinite scroll to ensure you’ll never run out of news. And for TAGMAG, this means optimal conditions in terms of advertising conversions plus a more efficient way to manage their content. 

Advertising integration

On top of offering an improved overall user experience, the Bits of Love team played an important role in coordinating the necessary advertising integrations in order for TAGMAG to easily serve ads from third parties, as well as their own. More specifically, we worked on cross-platform and decentralised publishing solutions, dynamic ad insertions, and duplicate content penalties. 

As our strategic partner, Bits of Love allowed us to rethink our content hub & product strategy. The collaboration felt effortless thanks to their prompt communication and proactive attitude!

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  • Mobile-friendly layout that accommodates over 90% of readers
  • Increased engagement and user retention
  • An easily accessible, reliable, and scalable content hub
  • Higher conversion rates on advertisements


In this past month following the launch of the reimagined TAGMAG, the amount of pages visited per session increased by 130% and average session duration has doubled. Even despite a slower news month with 11.73% fewer sessions, pageviews went up 103.33%.

Looking onward

This setup serves as a crucial stepping stone from a content perspective. The new content hub will allow TAGMAG to start offering decentralised content and kickstart their venture into a video-first approach, as well as further cement their position as a strong player in the Dutch-speaking media landscape. 

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