Niko - An app for Batibouw visitors

Niko is a belgian company, delivering their products worldwide. They have over 5000 products and solutions for switching materials, door communication systems, lighting control and home automation systems.

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As a yearly attender of Batibouw, Niko wanted to help potential customers to quickly calculate what a Niko installation would cost them, and - more importantly - disclose their catalogue in a visual and easy-to-use UI.

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An app for many purposes

The app was conceived as a multi-purpose tool. Visitors could choose which rooms in their house they’d like to adapt, pick the types of Niko products they’re interested in and finally see what it would cost them in various finishings. If they want, the customers receive a pdf in their mailbox, to quietly review their choices and estimated cost back home.

On top of that, there were 8 hosts and hostesses running the app in ‘assisted help’ mode. Other than helping customers with the calculation flow, they now could also help attending professionals with requesting documentation, swapping a code they were sent for a free Niko product, etc.

More to come!

With the success of the application, Niko saw more potential in it. So they asked us to make a website and a chatbot with the same approach. Thanks to our optimally structured code, we can deliver these new products with the same resources. One investment in code can result in 3 successful products.

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No more frustrations

The app had a lot of success. The visitors thought it was great added value that they could calculate costs themselves at the fair. The amount of CRM data and sales leads spectacularly increased compared to the year before.

“Het aantal registraties is gestegen, vooral omdat we de targets van de hostesses goed ingesteld hadden”, says Isabelle Huyghe from Niko. “De tool heeft vooral gezorgd dat er geen frustraties waren binnen het team om de doelstellingen te bereiken.”

Our expertise
  • Interface design
  • Information design
  • Data analysis
  • Agile project management