JEF - A digital strategy for a new fusion

JEF is a fusion of three teen film organizations: Jeugdfilmfestival, Jekino and Lessen in het donker. JEF strongly believes in qualitative teen films. With extra class material for schools, with an overview of film screening for parents, and as contact for policy makers and the film sector. But in the first place... for kids en teens, who can experience films, broaden their horizons, and make films together.

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JEF was taken first steps, so the fusion still needed good thinking. A strong digital strategy was important. We were enthusiastic to help JEF, but the budget was low. So how do we get a digital strategy for a brand new fusion, without time for strategic exercises?

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Bits of Love shared its knowledge about digital strategy and digital marketing. A first challenge: gather the existing content of the 3 original organizations, analyse it and melt it into one consistent story, the story of JEF. The limited budget forced us to work extremely pragmatic. In 4 (intensive!) co-creative sessions, we came up with the ideal content strategy.

Bits of experts

The technical challenges of the project were:

  • creating a very user friendly website for multiple target groups

  • building a heavy content website (there is a gigantic database behind it) that is still super fast

  • melt the 3 existing film databases automatically

  • integrate the UITdatabase (Uit in Vlaanderen) in the website: events from the UITdatabase are automatically shown on the JEF website

Bits of Love Love Love

At Bits of Love, we love sharing insights. Insights that move the world in a slightly better direction. We think it is crucial that kids en teens get all the chances they need to grow into critical thinking human beings. Our belief in qualitative teen films and audiovisual knowledge was so big that we decided to commit to JEF as a partner. Social engagement is important to us. That's why we left a part of the development costs for the new JEF website with us.

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Manon from JEF shares how we made an impact: "We werden van begin tot eind goed begeleid. Alle stappen van het proces werden goed voorbereid, met ons afgetoetst en verder opgevolgd. De mensen van Bits of Love denken ook proactief mee en hielpen ons vanuit hun ervaring knopen doorhakken en keuzes maken. Die begeleiding was voor ons een enorme meerwaarde. Een geruststelling ook: dat we mensen aan boord hadden met de nodige knowhow op vlak van online marketing en communicatie. We hebben uiteindelijk van een zeer complexe database een gebruiksvriendelijke en overzichtelijke website kunnen maken."

Our expertise
  • Content analysis
  • Data analysis