Ceres - Custom made sales support

Ceres is an international company who delivers flour for bakeries that strive for quality, authenticity and healthy products.

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As an innovative company, Ceres has a large and growing range of products. This product information was spread across various databases and documents, to the point that this became too complex for the sales team. Customers and sales also asked for a quicker custom made solution or a precise cost calculation.

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A visual sales application

We combined the Ceres knowledge with our data analysis and information design skills to build a fast & flexible sales process. Analyzing the data and designing the content was a challenge, but we succeeded by following our proven process. We created a user-friendly CMS that‘s connected with product databases and can easily be extended. We put this in a visual sales application, that the sales team can use at their clients.

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A tablet app for the road

The salesperson who visits the bakers can answer all possible product questions on the spot. They can also visually show the products, create custom proposals, calculate components and stay ‘up to date’ with new product information. With the tool, the sales process on the spot is much more efficient. Clients get immediately all the information they need. On top of that, the sales managers have a clear view on all sales activities

The Ceres applications is a tool that is used on a daily basis and can't be missed by the sales team anymore!

Our expertise
  • Interface design
  • Information design
  • Data analysis