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Written by Jessica Kellner

Posted on 14/03/2022

Jessica Kellner

Introducing What’s NXT!

MNM What’s NXT is a three-day technology festival hosted by MNM and Radio 2 at the new BMCC in Bruges from Thursday, May 12th until Saturday, May 14th.

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What’s NXT will take place at the new BMCC in Bruges from Thursday, May 12 until Saturday, May 14 2022.

The event is a collaborative effort by MNM, VRT, Voka West-Vlaanderen and POM West-Vlaanderen, whose aims are to highlight West Flanders’ technological prowess and show young people what their future in West Flanders could look like. This unique celebration of technology makes for an ideal opportunity for 60 like-minded, forward-thinking organisations to showcase what makes them special and present their approach to thousands of potential future employees. You can expect a buzzing atmosphere among fascinating stands, insightful media campaigns, talks, workshops, and food labs.

As Architects of the Future, Bits of Love is happy to show how we create quality digital products while setting our sights on creating tangible impact for people.

Day 1

High school students will be welcomed in three separate waves, starting at 08:45 until 16:30 on Thursday, May 12th

From 18:00 until 23:00, the B2B event will take place for registered companies on the fourth floor.

On the main floor, we’ll be welcoming university students during Graduation Night from 19:00 until 23:00, in which students will be briefed and advised on how to prepare for the real world as a soon-to-be young professional. 

Any and all practical questions on how to navigate this new stage of life are welcome here, such as:

  • How do I make a compelling portfolio? 
  • How should you conduct yourself during a job interview? 
  • How do you meet new people and stay physically fit while working? 

Day 2

Friday will be another day for fifth, sixth and seventh year high school students to explore what these compelling Flemish companies have to offer from 08:45 until 16:30.

High schools can still register to take part in What’s NXT via this link!

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Day 3

On Saturday, the event will be open to attend for everyone during the Radio 2 family day. Come discover new tech, check out what’s happening in the food industry, and enjoy this unique event!

Get a feel for What’s NXT by watching the 2019 event video here:

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our social media channels over the coming weeks!

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