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Written by Jessica Kellner

Posted on 09/11/2021

Jessica Kellner

Bieblo’ has been nominated for API of the year!

Bieblo, the app that matches books to children’s interests, has been nominated for API of the Year at Trefdag Digitaal Vlaanderen 2021

Bieblo marketing update apivanhetjaar

Trefdag Digitaal Vlaanderen is an annual event that highlights Flanders’ best govtech projects. This year, we were nominated for Best application of an API by the panel of 9 judges, alongside Fluvius and Stad Gent.

The core idea of Bieblo originated at an Apps For Ghent hackathon in 2015 under the name Hack De Bib”. Cultuurconnect later used this as their basis during the Open Summer of Code programme and shifted their focus for this project towards helping children. Just a few years and several iterations later, we were up to the task! 

Bits of Love was responsible for the data analysis & architecture and development of the app. In order to bring Bieblo to life, we combined several of Cultuurconnect’s APIs and built a scalable and dynamic architecture on top of them. The result of this collaboration is currently active in 235 Flemish libraries, with further expansion on the horizon! 

The award ceremony will take place on Wednesday November 24th, 2021.
For a more detailed look at the app in the meantime, read our full case here!

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