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Written by Jessica Kellner

Posted on 17/01/2022

Jessica Kellner

Encouraging high school students to make impact in the business world!

For Vlajo’s Ondernemers voor de Klas project, managing partner Jessica Kellner will be giving several guest lectures on how to run an impactful and forward-looking business at local high schools starting this week!

Ov K update v8

Ondernemers voor de Klas is the largest educational project between schools and companies in Flanders, organised by Vlajo and in collaboration with structural partners Pulse Foundation, ETION, VKW Limburg and several project partners. Its aim is to create more of a mutual understanding between students and employers by establishing a more encouraging and informed view of the business world. 

Starting this week, fifth and sixth year students at several high schools in the area will each have a session aimed at demystifying modern business management and encouraging these students to make a difference for themselves! 

We’re currently living in a transitional period in which the processes and mentalities of the industrial revolution are gradually being phased out, and we are rethinking how modern societies and economies should be constructed. As a collective, we have slowly started working our way towards a sustainable digital revolution. 

Although this journey might take a while, our aim with these guest lectures is to entice a younger audience with the vast opportunities that entrepreneurship has to offer while keeping the bigger picture in mind! 

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