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Written by Jessica Kellner

Posted on 12/11/2021

Jessica Kellner

A new website for primary school De Boomhut!

Freinetschool De Boomhut has launched their brand new website today, courtesy of Bits of Love!

De Boomhut laptop mockup 2 50p full frame blur

Bits of Love also developed the previous version of their website in 2015, but found that it was finally time for a refresh. This will be the main destination for new parents who would like to get to know the school and find out more about the enrolment process. 

Additionally, the parents of existing pupils are able to easily consult the calendar, read weekly updates, and download important documents. This means that parents and grandparents are able to stay fully up to date with what’s happening in class. 

We developed this website for the school as a clear sign of our engagement towards local educational institutions.

A custom digital school environment

Aside from the website, Bits of Love also developed a digital school environment for pupils of De Boomhut during the pandemic and its lockdowns, allowing children to keep learning! In the 2020 – 2021 school year, this was used by all of their pupils. 

The idea is simple: every morning, the pupil would log into their class and find their exercises for the day. The teachers are able to regularly assign the correct exercises to pupils using the CMS so as not to overwhelm the kids with huge to-do lists and to ensure that children are able to find and access their work, without necessarily requiring assistance from their parents.

This year, the digital school remains in full swing for pupils in quarantine. This allows them to follow along with what’s happening in class and prevent them from being at a disadvantage as a result of their absence. 

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