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Written by Mattie Crombez

Posted on 17/05/2023

Mattie Crombez

Voka opens first Talentcenter in Technopolis!

Bits of Love has partnered with Voka to introduce the Talentcenter, an innovative project aimed at assisting Belgian students in finding their ideal career path through personalized testing and talent reports. The first Talentcenter was officially inaugurated on May 14th at Technopolis, with plans already underway for a second center in Hasselt.

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Bits of Love played a pivotal role in developing the Talentcenter, orchestrating the entire process and fostering seamless collaboration among all stakeholders. As a result, the Talentcenter has emerged as a cutting-edge initiative that strives to harness the full potential of every talent in Flanders, enabling students to make informed decisions about their studies. This project serves as a prime example of the significance of digital solutions in providing students with the necessary guidance and information to shape their future careers.


Minister of Education Ben Weyts graced the opening ceremony, emphasizing the societal impact of the Talentcenter. To support this noble cause, the Flemish government has allocated €120,000 for the initiative’s expansion across Flanders. Weyts asserts, These centers will offer comprehensive information to parents and students, presenting a wide range of interests, talents, and potential study choices and schools. Unfamiliarity often breeds disinterest, particularly concerning technical and vocational education. Our aim is to transform the choice for vocational education (BSO) and technical education (TSO) into a positive decision.”

Also present on the inaugural event was Professor Dr. Wouter Duyck, who ensured that the entire testing process was rooted in scientific principles. Duyck affirms, We aim to provide a more tangible educational offering without compromising the freedom of choice for parents and students. This is not a selection test dictating what children should study or which profession they should pursue; rather, it’s a menu based on what one genuinely enjoys eating.”

The Talentcenter marks a significant milestone in the quest to guide Belgian students towards fulfilling careers. By synergizing their expertise, Bits of Love and Voka have created a powerful tool that empowers young minds to explore their interests and talents, ultimately enabling them to make informed decisions about their future. As the project expands, it promises to revolutionize career guidance and ensure that every student in Flanders finds their path to success.

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