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Written by Jessica Kellner

Posted on 08/06/2021

Jessica Kellner

A revolutionary new app & data hub for Club Brugge

This upcoming football season, Club Brugge will be introducing a new app to predict and prevent injures among its players. Bits of Love developed the app and its data hub for the team.

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We used our expertise in data architecture and visualisation to achieve this ambitious goal,

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Andries De Reyghere,
data visualisation expert and Managing Director at Bits of Love.

Predict and prevent injuries using data

This new internal app for Club Brugge was mentioned by De Tijd in an article on the importance of data in professional football these days.

The article points out that the pressure on professional athletes is continuously increasing. Not only are they playing more and more matches, but the pace of the game has also levelled up remarkably. To give an example: every team in the Belgian competition ran approximately 116.7 km per match in the 20202021 season.

This so-called form of turbo football inevitably leads to higher odds of injuries. Data and computer scientists are making extensive use of large data hubs and complex algorithms in order to improve performance by gaining detailed insights on player health. 

Football club Club Brugge doesn’t need to be convinced about the importance of data. As of next season, they’ll be launching their own revolutionary new app that will predict crucial stats and prevent injuries. 

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The app contains match, medical, and physical statistics, including individual programmes to prevent injuries (featuring explainer videos for specific exercises). What’s especially remarkable about this platform, is that each player receives their own health scores, which display their calculated risk of dropping out. 

The football club made good use of 8 years of measured data in conjunction with complex algorithms in order to discover patterns and predict the likelihood of injuries, such as sprains or fractures. 

Bits of Love was responsible for the new data strategy, data visualisation, interface and experience design, and app development for Club Brugge. 

We’re very proud of this accomplishment and are looking forward to the official release next football season. This has been a fascinating challenge for our team and will undoubtedly be an absolute game changer for Club Brugge and its players”, concludes Andries.

More detailed info on the app will follow soon! 🚀✨

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