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Written by Mattie Crombez

Posted on 19/05/2023

Mattie Crombez

Meet our educational games at OMG! Festival

The OMG! Festival is a brand new event focused on the power of educational games, organised by Impact Connecting Education. We are happy to see some of our projects shine and present themselves at this festival!

Omg festival


Kr8cht! is an open world based game where children aged 12 discover their true interests.

Kr8cht Vind alle krachten mock up 50p


Fonemi is an educational game that strengthens phonemic awareness in Flemish toddlers based on their individual skill levels.

Fonemi gameplay in de wereld van Fien


A virtual reality application where students solve puzzles with the help of their peers, that's VR-Kuub!

VR KUUB thumb 2x


Enter your virtual painter's studio with PaintingVR, filled with inspiring tools, an unlimited supply of paint, and canvases of all sizes.

Paintingvr preso3

At Bits of Love, we have a firm belief in game-based learning and are dedicated to creating and developing educational games that meet international standards. We understand that many partners find it challenging to demonstrate the financial and economic returns of such endeavors.

However, we also recognize the importance of societal impact as an alternative perspective. In light of this, we extend our strategic advice and publishing expertise to organizations facing difficulties in turning their ideas into tangible real-world products. We are committed to supporting these organizations on their journey from conceptualization to execution.

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