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The Handmade in Brugge Christmas webshop makes its return for 2021!


In 2020, we created a pop-up Christmas store in collaboration with Handmade in Brugge that focuses solely on locally made & sustainable products. Following last year’s huge success, you’ll once again be able to get your hands on over 80 unique hand-made products by 20 local makers from Friday, December 10th until Wednesday the 22nd – on www​.sho​phand​madein​brugge​.be !

Handmade In Brugge 2021

Buying handmade, local products remains as important as ever. As a consumer, you’re supporting the local economy and buying a sustainable product, all while reducing your ecological footprint,” said Pablo Annys, councillor of Work and Entrepreneurship.

As this calendar year comes to a close, it means a lot to us to top it off by helping our community achieve their goals. Our goal is to make a genuine difference, and as a business from Bruges, we like contributing to the local community.

We are and love people who take the initiative to make things themselves, but we’ve noticed that not everybody has access to the tools that are necessary to set up their own storefronts. This collaboration with Handmade in Bruges activates new possibilities and stimulates the local market when it could do with a boost. 

It’s great to see Handmade in Bruges and Bits of Love reuniting with this beautiful, remarkable initiative. A webshop with artisanal products made in Bruges is of great added value for our city during the holiday period.

From elegant leather handbags and keychains, ceramic cups and bowls to sweets, fragrant coffee, fizzy drinks, and original greeting cards or charming interior decoration … There’s a wide range of products with something for everyone, guaranteed to be the most original present under the Christmas tree. If you’re looking for a special gift and would like to support these local creators, you should definitely pay the webshop a visit!

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