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Written by Jessica Kellner

Posted on 10/12/2020

Jessica Kellner

Christmas webshop, a sign of our local engagement!

Bits of Love created a Bruges-specific Christmas webshop for local handmade products. 

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Buying local, handmade products is more important than ever. As a consumer, you’re supporting the local economy, but you’re also buying a sustainable and reducing your ecological footprint. 

For the end of the year, Handmade in Brugge and the Bruges-based digital product studio Bits of Love have created a temporary Christmas webshop.
On www​.sho​phand​madein​brugge​.be , you can buy original products from over 30 creators and choose from four themed gift boxes. If you’re looking for a special gift and would like to support these local creators, you should definitely pay this Christmas pop-up webshop a visit! 

Handmade in Brugge promotes Bruges as a city of inspiring creators. Project manager Evelyne Demey explains the unique initiative:

The corona measures had a major impact on local creators as they temporarily closed their shops and studios. That’s why we’re giving them some extra support during this end-of-year period with a temporary webshop.”

When Bits of Love indicated that they wanted to do something for the local merchants, just like we did, we put our shoulder to the wheel together.”

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Evelyne Demey,
Project Coordinator – Handmade in Bruges

The Christmas webshop was developed using the knowledge from Bits of Love and the passion for local engagement. The Bruges-based digital product studio and its team regularly works on projects surrounding sustainability and social involvement.

As a Bruges company, we wanted to do something for the local community in these strange times. During the first lockdown, we developed wan​del​bingo​.be (walking bingo) for children. This time, we wanted to support local entrepreneurs. We’re very fond of handmade products and were therefore immediately enthusiastic about this collaboration.

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Jessica Kellner,
managing partner at Bits of Love

The initiative has also received the full support of the City of Bruges. 

The economic importance of the Handmade in Bruges’ network for our city cannot be overestimated. The 84 label holders together generate a turnover of more than 23 million euros, 85% of which is focused on the local market. The COVID crisis has also affected them, which is why this webshop is an extra boost for all. The collaboration between Handmade in Bruges and Bits of Love makes it a strong Bruges story.

Pablo Annys Alderman for Social Affairs,
Work & Enterprise

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