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Written by Jessica Kellner

Posted on 12/03/2024

Jessica Kellner

Strengthening Bonds: Generation WOW & Bits of Love Unite to Launch Networking App at BETTER TOGETHER Conference”

Generation WOW is set to inspire at the BETTER TOGETHER conference in Bruges on June 10th, showcasing a powerful collaboration with Bits of Love to launch an innovative networking app designed to empower women in business. 

Better together

Generation WOW proudly presents its third business conference, BETTER TOGETHER,” set to make its debut in Bruges. This conference stands as a testament to the power of unity and collaboration, especially within the realm of business and empowerment for women. Scheduled for June 10th, the event will convene at the prestigious Concertgebouw in Bruges, under the auspices of the Generation WOW community — a leading platform dedicated to uplifting women in the business sector. The theme Better Together’ will highlight the importance of collaboration, featuring esteemed speakers such as Randi Zuckerberg, Ish Ait Hamou, Julie Brown, and many more, illustrating the collective power and potential of working together.

The third edition of this event proudly announced by Generation WOW is not just an ordinary gathering. It is a beacon of inspiration, promising a blend of enlightening conferences, engaging content, and a flourishing community designed to inspire and empower women in business and all those in pursuit of growth and empowerment. With Randi Zuckerberg set to deliver a keynote, attendees can look forward to insights from a leading figure in the technology and business world, sharing her journey and the cutting-edge trends in technology, business, and entrepreneurship.

The ticket sales for this unparalleled event kick off online on March 8, 2024, at www​.gen​er​a​tionwow​.be, marking the beginning of an opportunity to be part of a truly inspirational day.

In addition to a lineup of distinguished speakers, the conference is enriched by the partnership with Bits of Love, a renowned Bruges-based tech company led by tech entrepreneur Jessica Kellner. This collaboration is particularly significant for the development of the Generation WOW network app, a cornerstone of this year’s event. Team Bits of Love is not merely developing an app; they are intricately involved in crafting a comprehensive digital strategy that encompasses discovery, definition, design, and development processes. This strategic approach ensures that the network app not only facilitates effective and meaningful connections among professionals but also embodies the essence of the Better Together’ theme, integrating advanced digital solutions with personal matchmaking expertise.

Generation WOW aims to empower women in business through this dynamic platform, offering a mix of business insights, lifestyle enhancements, and experiential learning opportunities. With engaging speakers, inspiring keynotes, and the groundbreaking Generation WOW network app, the event is set to foster a supportive and energetic community, encouraging women in business to grow and thrive across generations and sectors.

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