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Written by Rien Moeyaert

Posted on 13/03/2024

Rien Moeyaert

OPTIQUEST! The first Supply Chain training game

Quester BV and Bits of Love have teamed up for a strategic collaboration to launch OPTIQUEST, an innovative ed-tech game focused on Supply Chain training. The goal? To improve learning in inventory planning through an immersive and engaging gaming experience

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OPTIQUEST stands as an innovative breakthrough in educational technology, ingeniously designed to teach participants the fundamentals of inventory planning. Through an engaging and interactive gameplay experience, OPTIQUEST transforms complex supply chain concepts into accessible, enjoyable learning moments, perfectly blending educational content with entertainment to ensure a thorough and enjoyable learning journey in the field of supply chain management.

👉 Visit https://​lnkd​.in/​e​F​u​aX88z and quickly register for a free test session.

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