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Written by Mattie Crombez

Posted on 20/01/2023

Mattie Crombez

Moving towards a healthy lifestyle: we’re Sportbedrijf 2022 – 2023!

Sport Vlaanderen rewards Bits of Love Sportbedrijf 20222023”. This label recognises our engagement and efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle!

Final landscape sportbedrijf

The passive nature of our jobs comes with the need for extra attention to get moving and care for our general health… Bits of Love created a bespoke health plan to support the whole team with healthy food options, weekly activities and a personal trainer.

We support healthy habits by letting our team alternate between sitting or standing at their desks in our cosy office. Healthy food like vegetable soup and fruit is available daily, we participate in activities like padel or running, and most use bikes for their daily commute. We hope to inspire every team member to incorporate these habits outside the workplace.

Furthermore, the Bits of Love team has a dedicated personal trainer, expert Joey Lagast, who joins us twice a week. He provides training sessions and workout plans tailored to every employee. Thanks to these workouts, some team members doubled their strength and endurance, and some may even dream of the next Strong Viking obstacle run.

Ensuring good blood supply to the brain is one of the most important ways to improve brain health: more blood means more oxygen and nutrients, which ensure that your concentration and working memory improve and suppress unimportant stimuli in your environment.

personal trainer

Building resilience, having a clear mind and focus,.. no need to say these are critical factors in creating complex solutions and products. It gives our projects the precision, focus and care they deserve.

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