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Written by Mattie Crombez

Posted on 07/10/2022

Mattie Crombez

De Zuidrand” mysteries: the sequel!

Jef the Gnome turns 100 years old, but needs your help finding the stolen honey for his birthday cake. With Jerome and Rani, our mission is to help him find it in one of the newest adventures in De Zuidrand!


De Zuidrand is an app that transforms walks into adventures filled with mysterious riddles and fascinating puzzles. The app guides you through the beautiful nature the towns of De Zuidrand have to offer, while also making it a fun and playful experience for children and youngsters. The goal is to motivate families to go on adventures and encourage them to keep coming back by posting new adventures every once in a while.

What started as a project for only four towns in De Zuidrand region, soon became a success. As a result four new towns decided to join, which means the app now covers a bigger region and new, undiscovered territory! In celebration of Week of the Forest” (October 9th-16th) Bits of Love and De Zuidrand joined forces once again to offer users four new walks. Get ready to meet the craziest characters, collect the coolest stickers and earn your very own detective diploma!

With our expertise in educational tools and games combined the touristic input from De Zuidrand, we were able to create a playful and educational walking app. The app was tried, tested and approved by both young and old and let us tell you: detectives, young and old, can’t get enough!

Fun app to discover the magnificent environment and hidden gems. Because of the storyline, even the kids walk along enthusiastically. We will definitely try all of the walks.”

J.V. from Edegem

Have you tried the app? Get ready to go and explore the adventures in De Zuidrand or read our full case here!

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