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Written by Mattie Crombez

Posted on 07/07/2022

Mattie Crombez

Cultuurconnect experiments with cultural Video of the Day concept

The Video of the Day project is a website made for the culturally curious in the Waasland region. On this platform, people are surprised by a new video about theatre, music, or dance every day. Ideated by Cultuurconnect, made by Bits of Love 🖤 

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From July 1st until the 14th, Cultuurconnect and Cultuurtuin Waas are conducting the Video of the Day’ experiment.

With this research project, the goal is to measure people’s interest in cultural video content and to see what effect this could have on ticket sales. This can be done by asking questions such as:

  • In what way do people engage with these videos? How long do they watch them for? What devices or platforms do they use?
  • How willing are people to click like’ or dislike’?
  • Do preview videos help convert to ticket sales?
  • Which art forms are the most popular? (e.g. theatre, music, comedy, … )
  • Can cultural centres use this data to meaningfully inform their programming?

The videos are teasers for upcoming performances later this year in one of Cultuurtuin WAAS’ cultural centres: Cultuurcentrum Lokeren, Ontmoetingscentrum t Waaigat, Gemeenschapscentrum De Route, and Muziekclub t Ey.

Reaching both loyal & new audiences with a different format

With this project, the four cultural centres want to bring the performing arts closer to the people, inform the public of their autumn programming, and reach new audiences.

The videos are a fresh way to remind our audience of our programming. It’s a new channel that strengthens our other promotional channels.”

Kathleen Somers,
Cultural Policy Coordinator – community centre 't Waaigat, Zwijndrecht

Call and response

The website features one cultural video per day. Scrolling down will reveal a description of the project, video credits, and ticket information about the show. 

By rating the video, you can give the team a clear sign of which videos people found most entertaining. This allows them to predict which shows might perform better when tickets go on sale. 

Any feedback you might have about the project itself is certainly welcome as well – the team would be happy to know what you think.
Get inspired by watching today’s video at video​vandedag​.be !

And if just one video a day isn’t enough for you, you can always dig into the archive to watch the previous videos.

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