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Written by Jessica Kellner

Posted on 24/04/2024

Jessica Kellner

We present at the Conference Towards a More Statistically Literate Future’

Statbel, in cooperation with Eurostat, is organizing the conference Towards a More Statistically Literate Future” on May 2 and 3. Our managing partner, Andries De Reyghere, will discuss our Statbel junior case’ and will also share his view on innovative teaching methodologies in enhancing statistical literacy.

Statistics conference news

On May 2 and 3, Statbel, in cooperation with Eurostat, is organizing the conference Towards a More Statistically Literate Future,” as part of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The conference will bring together experts from the world of education and the world of public statistics. Directors general of statistical institutes, communication experts and academics share experiences and search together for ways to increase statistical literacy among children and young people. You can find the complete conference program on the conference website.

Andries De Reyghere, Managing partner of Bits of Love and lecturer at the University of Ghent, will give two sessions during the conference. One will be on ’ Sharing Innovative Teaching Methodologies and Resources for Enhancing Statistical Literacy’, and the other will be on Enablers to Enhance Statistical and Data Literacy by Young People’.

Andries De Reyghere founded Bits of Love, a high-end digital product studio in Bruges, Belgium. He has led the studio towards becoming a pioneer in innovative digital solutions, particularly in data visualization and interactive data interfaces. In addition to his role at Bits of Love, Andries is a lecturer at the University of Ghent, where he teaches information design and data visualization combined with digital innovation strategy.

We partnered with Statbel to launch the Statbel Jr. website (https://​www​.stat​belju​nior​.be/e…). This innovative project aims to educate children aged 11 – 14 on basic statistical concepts in a fun and engaging way while providing teaching material to schools.

Andries is a digital veteran who has won multiple awards for innovative interfaces and information design. His research-driven approach combines communication with societal needs, making complex data accessible and engaging. He is committed to pushing the boundaries using the latest game and information design techniques.