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Written by Jessica Kellner

Posted on 24/11/2023

Jessica Kellner

Bruggebaas in the spotlight at Stad Brugge’s inspiration day

Bruggebaas takes the stage at Stad Brugge’s Inspiration Day on October 25th. Jessica gave everyone an exclusive peek into this revolutionary initiative reshaping city policies through engaging youth participation.

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In an exciting collaboration with Stad Brugge and VIVES (People & Society), Bits of Love proudly presented Bruggebaas — a cool initiative that lets young folks have a say in city policies using a fun survey game.

At Brugge’s Inspiration Day on Wednesday, October 25th, we shared the fantastic results from the first year of Bruggebaas. Jessica, our managing partner, also spilled the beans on how we made this project happen during the Inspiration Day. Check out the slides below for an insider’s look!

If you’re curious and want to dive deeper into Bruggebaas, we’ve got you covered. Discover how Bits of Love, along with Stad Brugge and VIVES, is changing the game in youth engagement and policy shaping in our case!

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