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Written by Mattie Crombez

Posted on 09/11/2022

Mattie Crombez

Broadening our horizons: visitors from Brazil

In Flanders Investment & Trades efforts to put Flanders on the map, they invited a delegation from the Brazilian game sector to explore our local ecosystem in the field, accompanied by Michel Hofman, Deputy Director Investment of Flanders Investment and Trade. Thanks to Flega (Flemish Games Association), they found their way to Bits of Love, where we were excited to introduce them to our work and projects in games.

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International cross-pollination is of great value in today’s innovation climate. As one of Flanders’ progressive game developers, we always want to share our knowledge and know-how and explore others’ knowledge. We discussed interesting insights on the differences and commonalities in both ecosystems and how we can learn from each other. We took a closer look at the evolvements in game development. One of the things we can all agree on is never to stop asking our clients questions to highlight the value and learnings over technology: Why do you want to do this?”, Why do you need this?”, What is the target audience?”,…

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Let’s take a closer look at the Brazilian delegation:

  • Carolina Caravana is the vice president of Abragames, the Brazilian Association of Game Development Companies. Additionally, she is the lead producer at Aiyra. After researching the Brazilian ecosystem and its trends, e.g. in women’s employment, she’s especially interested in getting to know the Belgian ecosystem. Her personal interests lie in educational games and art.
  • Adrian Laubisch is Aiyra’s New Business & Planning Director. He founded this company before there was even a game sector in Brazil, resulting in one of the oldest game companies in Brazil. Their focus lies on original games as well as game services for strong IP’s, like Dragonball Z or the Miraculous Ladybug. Aiyra also fulfils a role as a mentor to younger companies to build out their project with their expertise and experience. Adrian is looking for new ways to collaborate and find synergies between Belgian and Brazilian minds.
  • Rafael Lontra is the founder of MitoGames, a digital entertainment company. He aims to work on holistic youth education through educational and advertising games. He claims the Belgian game market has lots of talent and expertise that are hard to find in Brazil and considers collaborations to reinforce each other.

An important insight is the difference between both markets and developing games that need to fit both markets. Our Brazilian guests were beyond excited to learn about our ecosystem and the talent we have to offer, and they intrigued us to discover their ecosystem as well. Bits of Love can’t wait to see where these new connections will bring us next!

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