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Written by Jessica Kellner

Posted on 25/04/2022

Jessica Kellner

Reinforcing sustainable projects with Bliss Invest

Sustainability-focused private equity partner Bliss Invest has launched their website! As their focus lies on amplifying people, businesses, and organisations who are looking to make a difference, we’re blissful to play a part in their story.

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Bliss Invest is a private equity partner that specialises in amplifying sustainable impact on a strategic, financial, and personal level.

We find our purpose in creating added value for the environment, people, and society at large. In our case, impact doesn’t solely refer to financial influence, but also speaks to social returns on investments, by setting our sights on improving health, education, food supplies, ecology, communities, and many more fields.”

This vision is reflected in their four core values: respect, honesty, engagement, and being results-driven. In order to finance your start-up or growth journey, their team develops a transparent plan alongside you, not for you. As we aim to better our communities and the planet at large, Bits of Love is pleased to facilitate meaningful change through this simple but detail-oriented website. In our eyes, this project signifies a promising new way forward in larger-scale project funding.

Bliss Invest Values

Do you feel like driving meaningful change? 

Do you have any ideas for projects that facilitate sustainable impact? Could you use some strategic support to realise your plans? Are you currently managing a sustainable project and looking to expand your efforts? If the answer to these questions is yes, you’d be very welcome to take the Bliss Score test.

This short questionnaire allows the Bliss team to get a feel for your plans, approach, and personality. The survey assesses some key details about your project, provides you with a compatibility score, and allows you to get in contact with the team. If you’re a match, you’ll be one step closer to a tremendous cooperation with a highly experienced investment partner. 

Bliss Score

Not only did we create their website, but we were also responsible for their branding and style guide with some help from Astrid Crijns and Henny van Gerwen.

Bliss Invest Presentatie11

Several iterations down the line, we decided on a minimal dark and bright green combination that signifies their approach to sustainable investing.

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to further enable and promote sustainability and durability in our everyday lives, no matter how small. As Bliss Invest’s point of reference is long-term growth, it’s only natural that their values match the Bits of Love identity.

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