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Written by Mattie Crombez

Posted on 16/05/2023

Mattie Crombez

A New, Dynamic and Accessible Website for Cirque Plus!

Experience the dynamic and accessible new website of Cirque Plus, a captivating digital platform showcasing the annual multi-day circus festival in Bruges, with dynamic content, bilingual support, and a user-friendly interface that adapts to the needs of visitors and performers.

C home

Cirque Plus, the annual free multi-day circus festival held in Bruges, is thrilled to unveil its new website, created by Bits of Love. The website offers a modern, user-friendly, and accessible experience, captivating visitors with dynamic content, delightful graphical elements, and a rich collection of pictures showcasing the festival’s incredible performances and vibrant atmosphere.

The new website has been thoughtfully designed to cater to both event and non-event periods, allowing Cirque Plus to provide customized content to its diverse audience. With easy management and regular updates, the website adapts seamlessly to the needs of its visitors.

Bilingual support is a key feature of the website, ensuring that Dutch and non-Dutch speakers alike can navigate and enjoy its offerings effortlessly. This inclusivity is essential as Cirque Plus attracts a global audience of visitors and performers.

C programma

A clear and informative program section is prominently featured, providing easy navigation and adaptability for event updates. Visitors can conveniently access practical information about the festival, and the site is fully optimized for mobile devices, enabling access on the go.

Throughout the development process, Bits of Love collaborated closely with Cirque Plus, attentively listening to their needs and incorporating their ideas. The result is a tailored website that serves as an invaluable tool for both the festival’s organizers and its visitors.

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