Training: Making efficient use of your new digital tool

A new digital tool was recently developed for your business.

How did this tool come about? What strategic decisions and workflows are behind it? How can you best maintain it? How can you optimally integrate its use into your daily tasks and increase your productivity?

If you want to get the most out of your new digital tool and maximise productivity, this is the training for you. Bits of Love will visit your organisation (or you can come to us) for one day to explain how to efficiently use the tool we developed.

The programme

During the training, we will immediately get started with introducing your digital tool, so be sure to bring your laptop and smartphone.

Among other things, we will demonstrate:

  • the tool’s goals & workflow,
  • best practices (do’s and don’ts),
  • the shortcuts’,
  • and how you can efficiently use the tool to your advantage.

During these sessions, we make sure to set aside enough time to answer any questions you might have. As we get to work using real tasks and content, you will be able to immediately make efficient use of your digital tool by the end of the training session.


The training will be given by a Bits of Love employee who has years of experience with the technologies used to develop your tool.

Who is this for?

Our tool training sessions are open for any member of your business who frequently uses or is interested in the possibilities of the tool. No prior knowledge or experience is required. 


Bits of Love is an accredited training provider for the kmo-portefeuille.

This means that up to 20% or 30% of this training can be subsidised by the Flemish Government, provided your business meets the necessary conditions. Your request must be processed within 14 calendar days after the first session at the latest.

Registration number: DV.O219209

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