Navigating Politics: De Stemtest 2024

Navigating Politics: De Stemtest 2024

Key takeaways

On June 9th, Belgians will vote for not just one but three distinct parliaments—federal, regional, and European. De Stemtest is a collaboration between the University of Antwerp, Tree Company, and many Belgian media brands that makes this daunting task more understandable to everyone, from seasoned voters to newcomers. This case study explores how we made De Stemtest, handle real-time data and seamlessly integrate with nine news outlets, all while keeping the user experience front and centre.

Stemtest campagne nl


Our task was to create a new version of De Stemtest” that could be easily accessed on various devices, cater to diverse media brands, and appeal to a broad audience, from experienced to first-time voters. De Stemtest had to handle vast amounts of real-time data without any glitches.

Additionally, we needed to create an application that could be seamlessly integrated into nine distinct news outlets, each with unique identities and technical requirements. One of the main challenges was to coordinate various departments (technical, UX, editors) to create a shared vision for the application and deliver it on time.

The new and enhanced De Stemtest” introduced features that required impeccable UX and information design. It ultimately created a guide through the complex political landscape in Belgium, taking into account the different policy levels and regions while comprehensively showcasing political information.



We utilized heavy prototyping and a rigorous UX phase to create unique, responsive designs for each media partner. We worked closely with their UX experts to prioritize front-end development, ensuring smooth user interactions on all platforms. Our hands-on project coordination helped tie it all together.

Stemtest case designsystems

To engage a diverse group of young voters, we created a tailored version: De Jongerenstemtest.” This version featured vibrant visuals, intuitive design, and language reflecting the reality of young voters. By creating a modern interface that reflects their world, we empowered young voters to participate in democracy confidently.

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The result is a flexible design system that can be used across multiple viewports and prioritizes user privacy. The application is compatible with a wide range of devices and can seamlessly adapt to different media brands and platforms. Within 24 hours of its launch, the application successfully managed more than 1 million user interactions, demonstrating its ability to handle large volumes of data and user traffic efficiently.

Stemtest case result
Stemtest case result


De Stemtest 2024” is an important project for Bits of Love as it highlights our ability to create a positive impact on society by providing clear and detailed political information. It also demonstrates our technical expertise, UI design, and exceptional project management skills. The application’s success showcases our capability to deliver customized solutions that are scalable, versatile, and privacy-conscious. If you are interested in discovering which political party aligns with your views, please check out De Stemtest.”

Curious about which political party aligns with you the most? Go check out De Stemtest”!

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