Stad Gent - Ghent in data

As a pioneer in open data, Stad Gent is a perfect match for Bits of Love. We both have a strong belief in open data and transparent communication between government and citizens.

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Data with a story

Stad Gent already had an extensive data platform, but they wanted to translate the data into a story. Our expertise in data storytelling came in handy. In the first place, the new platform serves as preparation for the municipal elections. Before, politicians used a report in pdf format, to prepare their program. The new digital platform gives them faster insights in where to put the focus of their politics. In addition, Stad Gent also wanted to reach a bigger audience with the tool: Ghentians and Ghent users, but also students, data journalists or civil society organizations.

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How well do you know Ghent?

You get to know Ghent pretty well in the digital data platform filled with data visualizations and interactions. 8 tendencies, captured from the data, give insights in how Ghent is evolving. Next to that, we tell the story of every city district. The quiz ‘Zijde gij nen echte Genteneire’ (‘Are you a real Ghentian?) is a lighter approach, to attract people to read the story behind the numbers.

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“Echt wijs!” ("Really cool!")

The narrative data platform is real added value to the bare numbers. In the first month, the data platform had more than 4000 visitors. The next legislation gets an accessible and interactive tool to align their politics, instead of a long pdf. Stad Gent can easily use the platform to communicate with the citizens.

Stad Gent is enthousiastic: "Fantastische website! Echt wijs! Echt een heel mooie manier om info toegankelijk en aantrekkelijk te maken!" (“Fantastic website! Really cool! A very beautiful way to make information accessible and attractive!”). And we also heard about high praise coming from mayor Daniël Termont!

Our expertise
  • Data analysis
  • Data storytelling
  • Data visualization