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Raw Data by Steven Heller & Rick Landers

Raw Data presents work by seventy-three of the world’s most innovative information graphics designers.


Now that huge amounts of information can be gathered and processed with ever-greater speed, graphic designers and illustrators are playing a crucial role in explaining what all of this collected data really means, and how we can make sense of it all to improve our personal and professional lives considerably.

More than just a survey of finished works, Raw Data gets behind the final image to reveal how a boring stack of numbers can be transformed into a beautiful image, rich with meaning and explanations. 

Among the international practices included, are those who have been leading the way in the modern infographics revolution, such as Nigel Holmes from The New York Times, along with a new generation of designers who are only just emerging from university, such as Fernando Hernandez and Tim Hucklesby. 

Raw data inside

Why we like it? 

  • Beautiful infographics.
  • It’s about a lot of data.
  • It’s inspiring to see many different ways of presenting data! 

However.. we personally do prefer to visualise data in code, as opposed to static infographics :)