Canvas - Wissel van de macht

As a well-known journalist, Marc van de Looverbosch witnessed the Belgian political changes during the last twenty years. In this 6-part documentary, Marc interviews 27 top politicians who give their ideas, reflections, and emotions of that period.

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The documentary combines in-depth storytelling and historical data. The broadcaster, Canvas, wanted to use some parts of this data & video material in an online investigative story. This posed a real challenge as we had several target audiences: some readers want all the details, others just want the "key moments.

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The challenge
Canvas asked Bits of Love to create an interactive digital story and data visualization for online awareness around the television documentary. This had to interest the Canvas viewership and also appeal to a younger and online audience.

Together with the editorial team, we produced a light online version of the documentary, augmented with additional data, personal political profiles and gamification techniques. We challenged the editorial team by pushing them forward towards digital-first thinking. We topped it off with our world-class code, enterprise scalability & responsive approach.

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Our expertise
  • Interface design
  • Information design
  • Interaction design
  • Data visualization
  • Software engineering
  • Gamification
  • Scalable devops
  • Agile project management